Indoor unit (IDU) realizes the mutual conversion between the service signal and IF analog signal. Two types of IDU are available:
IDU 610 is 1U high and supports one microwave direction.

IDU 620 is 2U high and supports maximum four microwave directions.

A global OEM/ODM supplier to core equipment vendors and digital microwave systems vendors, Comba provides high-performance, low-cost products and services, including the outdoor units (ODU), digital microwave antennas & couplers, and indoor units (IDU). ML-GS.jpg
Comba is the smart choice for companies seeking a premier original design manufacturing partner.  Clients can therefore reduce the expenses and time-to-market associated with new product development and launch through the outsourcing of design, development and manufacturing elements to Comba.  To date, thousands of Comba's OEM products have been deployed worldwide in wireless communication and broadband networks.

Cutting-edge R&D, Cost-Effective Manufacturing
Combining the best of both worlds with facilities on both sides of the Pacific Ocean:
  • Led by the main R&D center in Guangzhou (China), there are three more R&D laboratories located in Nanjing (China), California (USA) and the Wavelab R&D center in Virginia (USA)
  • Cost-effective manufacturing facilities in China with a production base occupying over 18,000 square meters.  Phase III of the production base will further expand capacity and will launch by end of 2009.
With this unbeatable combination, Comba offers high volume, reliable and competitively priced digital microwave equipment.

Outdoor Units (ODU)

rd.JPGComba's microwave outdoor units (ODU) are designed to high level standards from Comba's majority-owned Wavelab Inc. R&D subsidiary in the U.S. ( and manufactured in China.  The ODUs are technically advanced, highly reliable and very cost-effective.

Key Features
  • 6-26Ghz frequency bands available
  • Supports QPSK and 16 to 256QAM
  • 3.5-56MHz RF channel bandwidths
  • Designed to meet FCC, ETSI and CE safety and emission standards
  • Supports popular ITU-R standards and frequency recommendations
  • Comapct and handy design
  • Very high frequency stability +/-2.5ppm
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40C to +65C

Antennas & Couplers
Comba provides a wide range of microwave parabolic antennas with various sizes from 0.3m to 3.0m with frequency ranges between 6 to 23Ghz

Key Features
  • Single and dual polarized
  • Field selectable polarization
  • Easy for installation at site
The microwave coupler is composed of an antenna flange, ODU subpanel and polarization rotary switch.  It is a fully featured product available with polarization conversion.

Key Features
  • Direct mounting to both antenna & ODUs
  • Easy polarization conversion
  • Compact and handy designs

Indoor Units (IDU)
The microwave indoor unit (IDU) is frequency independent and complies with customer's current and future requirements
 Key Features
  • Technology for PDH, SDH, IP and hybrid solution
  • Payload from 2E1 to 32E1, STM-1 and up to 600Mbps
  • IP capacity
  • Support modulation schemes of QPSK to 256QAM with versatile 3.5-56Mhz bandwidth
  • Capacity configurable and upgradeable
  • Indoor and full outdoor application
  • Supports SNMP management protocol
  • 1+0 and 1+1 protection
  • Built-in testing functions to facilitate commissioning and troubleshooting

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