Indoor Materials for Mini Link E RBS 2102
·     Fuse Panel                                           
·     Mounting bracket                               
·     Connector kit                                        
·     Traffic cable-120 ohms, traffic cable-75ohms(1x2/2x2 Mbits)                            
·     DC  distribution & radio cable Panel      
·      Fan unit                                                         
·     DC cable assembly                                   
·     Traffic cable-120 ohms, traffic cable  ohms(1x2/2x2/2x4 Mbits)                           
·     TRM
·     PSU sub -track                                                                                                                                       
·     Plug-in unit                                                        
·     Battery cabinet                                            
·     RTS 2101                                                        
·     AMM                                                               
·     Slots to AMM .e.g. ETU,TRU,MMU           

      Outdoor Materials
·    RAU                                                  
·    Radio mounting support             
·    Waveguide clamp Kit
·    Radio cable
·    Connectors
·    Marking tape or Marking tag
·    Sealing compound & tape
·    Radio cable adapter
·    Radio earthing Kit  
·    Cable clamp Kit
·    Radio cable earthing Kit
·    Jumper cable
·    Wall gland   


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