Indoor Materials
·      BTS 3900A or BTS 3012
·      Battery cabinet
·      12V Battery .e.g. 8 pieces or 16 pieces
·      Radio(optix RTN 600,605, 620,or 950)
·      EMUA Slot
·      IF cards or modules
·      AC Power cable.e.g.2,3, or 1 phase
·      DC Power cable(battery)
·      IF connector
·      Fan Power cable
·      EMUA Power cable
·      IDU Power cable
·      Grounding cable
·      PVC Pipe
·      Cable lock
Outdoor Materials
                                                                                                                                                                            ·      ODU.e.g.1+1, or 1+0
·      Hybrid coupler
·      Microwave antenna materials
·      IF cable
·      Coaxial cable(feeder cable)
·      Sectorial antenna
·      Clamps
·      Tie rap
·      Color coding tape
·      PVC Pipe
·      Jumper cable
·      Scorching tape
·      Grounding bar(ear thing bar)
·      Feeder cable connector
·      Diplexer
·       Mounting Pole(bracket)
·      Cable tray
·      Grounding cables .e.g. ODU, Feeder cable, IF cable


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